Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Meaning of "Revision"

I was reading a book by a contemporary theologian recently and I thought, "This is not Christianity at all -it is mystical paganism masquerading as Christianity." The words "God", "Jesus" and other Biblical terms, were used but in senses completely at odds with their plain, Biblical and orthodox designations.

How do you describe such a theology? It is common these days for orthodox Christians to describe those whose views are extremely liberal as "revisionist', but is this really an adequate term? When you revise something, you may improve it, or refine it or modify it - but it remains recognizably the same thing. In the rules of meetings, a motion can be amended (that is, revised), but the chair should rule out of order any proposed amendment that is completely contrary to the original motion. It seems to me that some theologians are way beyond revising orthodox Christianity; their version is essentially the opposite of the historic Christian faith.
This was the reason why the Nicene fathers spent such time defining in laborious terminology the meaning of Christian orthodoxy.
I am trying to think of a better term for this type of theology.


Andrew said...

Good to see you have time for blogging now!

Who was the author and what was the book?

I think 'heresy' is the traditional term.

Ralph Bowles said...

The author shall remain nameless until the Inquisition is officially informed!
Yes, heresy is probably the correct term, but it seems so hard . . . I am looking for a more neutral description!