Thursday, January 24, 2013

Examining "Progressive Christianity"

I've been studying the phenomenon of "Progressive Christianity" recently, mainly by reading Devid M. Felten and Jeff Proctor-Murphy, Living The Questions. This course has been offered in Brisbane Diocese for a few years now, and there is a small group of clergy who identify with this position.
I will be blogging about this issue for a little while, as I write a critique of this theology. The short answer is that this is not really progressive at all, but essentially a very ancient pantheistic religious mindset parading in the outer garments of Christianity and spruced up with some modern critical scholarship.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pauline authorship and style clues

I'm studying Ephesians at the moment and it occurred to me that Chapter 3: 2-13 rather undermines the case of those who claim that this letter is not written by Paul himself. We know from the undisputed letters of Paul (such as Philippians) that the apostle did digress from his arguments. It stretches credulity to claim that the pseudonymous author imitated Paul's style while changing his theology.